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AgileBlaze Technologies Requires Cloud Engineer

Last date of application : 05-12-2013 6:00 am


Experience:1-2 years

Job Responsibilities
Design Cloud based architectures with High Availability and No Single point of failure.
Configure web servers like Apache, Nginx and Application stack like LAMP, ROR, apache-tomcat etc
Maintain and enhance cloud management and monitoring tools.
Good at Bash scripting and usage of AWS api tools like ec2-api and s3 tools
Databases MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
Monitoring Tools Nagios, Zabbix
Configure SCM tools like SVN/GIT for deployment of code to production
Document and drive best-practices across the team
Support every facet of operations

Required AWS Proficiency
Configure instances from management console or using ec2-api tools
RDS with Multi-AZ and Read Replicas
Configure S3 with Glacier integration and use of s3cmd api tools
Configure ELBs, Auto-Scaling etc
Handling Instance-store instance without data loss
Cost optimization
Scripts to take ami, snapshots with proper retention periods.
Configure Route53 to use ELBs, different algorithms etc

Additional Advantage
Configuration Management Tools Chef , Puppet, CFengine
Ruby/Perl/Python Scripting
Proficiencies with other cloud providers like Rackspace
CCNA certification
Performance tuning of Mysql/Postgres, Apache etc
Redhat certification
Experience with multiple virtualization platforms (eg.VMware)
Experience under a work culture of DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Work Location:Kochi

Interested Candidates apply online

The Last Date of Application is over. You can not apply for this vacancy