Senior Developer/Architect in Indias 3rd Biggest IT Company

Last date of application : 09-07-2016 10:00 am

Job Title 1 :   Senior Developer/Architect

Domain  :

Qualification & Requirements  : 

*  Any Graduate
*  Significant development experience using Java/J2EE Platform.
*  Must have developed multiple n-tier J2EE based applications
*  Deep Experience of the following technologies:
    Spring and Hibernate
    Web Services (RESTful),
    Freamworks: Play, Jersey, Multuthreading 
- Misc: JUnit, ANT/MAVEN, Jenkins, App Servers (JBoss/WildFly, Apache Tomcat, Weblogic etc.)

Experience  :
For Architect: 10+ Years
For  Sr. Developer : 6 to 9 Years

Job Title 2  :  Senior Developer / Architect

Domain  :   UI

Qualification & Requirements  : 
*  Any Graduate
*  Significant UI development experience using the following technologies:
     HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX

*  Experience of Adobe Creative Suite programs, e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash & Flex to mockup UI elements
*  Experience of creating dynamic and responsive pages and integrating with Java/J2EE based backend

Experience  :  For Architect : 10+ Years
For  Sr. Developer : 6 to 9 Years

Job Title 3  :  Senior Automation Engineer

Domain  :   Automation

Qualification & Requirements  : 
*  Programming skills (Python, Ruby / Ruby-on-Rails (RoR))
*  Automation skills using Chef, Puppet or Ansible etc.
*  Experience of writing Perl Scripts, Shell scripts, BASH, MS Powershell or any Linux scripting
*  Experience of Red Hat Openstack, Cloudforms, CliqR, AWS, Google Cloud
*  Experience of Build and Deployment automation using CI tools (Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, CruiseControl)
*  Proficiency in any SCM tools such as (SVN / Git / TFS / Perforce etc.)
*  Knowledge in Application Server Deployment and Administration (Weblogic/Websphere/JBoss) and WebServers such as Apache HTTP, Tomcat, Glassfish, IIS
A combination with at least one from each row would be required.

Experience  :  For  Sr. Developer : 6 to 9 Years

Job Title 4  : Senior Automation Engineer

Domain  :
  RoR Developer

Qualification & Requirements  : 
*  Very good Programming skills using Ruby with frameworks Ruby-on-Rails (RoR).
*  Experience of customizing CloudForms (adding buttons, menus, tabs /screens) and developing custom workflows at the backend would be an added advantage.
*  Knowledge of web services / REST / SOAP-XML etc.
*  Experience of MVC based application design
*  Deep experience of building large enterprise class systems
*  Complete Dev toolchain around RoR
*  Understanding of Javascript and JQuery to be able to work with UI developers for integrating / data-binding and creating dynamic experience.
*  Experience of data crunching / analysis using Ruby, with really large data sets, would be an added advantage.

Experience  :
  For  Sr. Developer : 6 to 9 Years

Salary :  Best in the industry

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